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Gymtots: 1yr-2yrs
Is your baby active and needing an athletic outlet? Join our Mini Gym to tote your tot along with music, movement and equipment exploration! This is a great way to engage together, but also to guide your child toward independence and accomplishment. Parents learn how to play with helpful "hands on" techniques or step back and watch just how capable your child can be!

Tiny Tumblers: 3yrs-4 yrs
At this age, Tiny Tumblers take on the gym by themselves to learn independence, body awareness, and all about gymnastics! This program provides a foundation to develop a sense of athletic achievement, self esteem and social skills that will last a lifetime. Preschoolers are challenged to use their brains and bodies to show recognition of skills and progression with practice through the use of colorful obstacle courses, fun stations and great lesson plans.

Recreational Gymnastics
Our classes are designed to teach beginning-to intermediate gymnastics on all gymnastics apparatus building strength, discipline, and character. This class is for children ages 5 and up.

This class is designed for the student who is interested in beginning-to-advanced tumbling. Whether you want to make a cheer team, determined to improve your existing tumbling or just someone that loves to flip around, this is the class for you. This class is for ages 8 and up.

Boys Athletics 
This class is pure athleticism at its Best! In this class, instructors will teach the art of movement in which one overcomes the obstacles in his surroundings by using strength, balance and agility. 

Invitational Teams*
The invitational team program allows gymnasts with advanced skill levels the opportunity to progress at a more rapid rate. These gymnasts demonstrate hard work and dedication to gymnastics. These gymnasts work through each level, perfecting all skills in order to move up to the Sonics Competitive Gymnastics Team and begin competing.

Sonics Gymnastics* 
Our Sonic gymnastics team consists of many talented and dedicated young athletes. We believe that our competitive team program will allow a gymnast to best fully develop their physical abilities and their proficiency in gymnastics. In addition, they can learn the value of hard work, how to organize their time, the importance of setting goals, how to deal with frustration, and success. These are skills that will help them in school, their careers, and life in general. The physical skills (strength, flexibility, agility) learned in gymnastics will “carryover” to any sport they may later choose to pursue. This is a traveling team progressing through USAG levels 4-10. Go Sonics!

Sonics Cheerleading* 
The Sonics All Star Cheer Teams consist of male and female athletes ranging from ages 4-18. We strive to help each individual reach his or her personal and athletic potential. Our purpose is not only to develop the best team possible, but also to promote self-discipline, self-esteem, integrity, team work and commitment in a fun and safe environment. Our team members will work hard to prepare for some of the most competitive competitions in the country. Go Sonics!

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